About the programme

There are thousands of ships sailing on our oceans every day and the industry plays a vital role in keeping the world's supply chains moving. But the industry has a poor safety record involving high levels of incidents with some resulting in serious injury and even suicide. We want to change this.

Research shows that when seafarers are in good physical and mental health, there are fewer accidents, incidents and adverse events, plus a more motivated crew who want to do a great job for their company.

Focusing on physical and mental wellbeing, and intentionally creating a culture of care and psychological safety on board, positively affects the way people, culture, equipment, work systems and processes all interact. This leads to better engagement, productivity and safety performance, which not only makes life safer on board, but is also good for business and morale.

Our research has identified five key areas that influence seafarers’ wellbeing which include: fatigue, the work environment, the nature of the role, socialisation and leadership.

The Maritime Wellbeing programme has been created in response to these findings, to help us reach our goal of a zero-incident industry.

As part of the programme, seafarers and ship managers can undertake a number of short, easy to deliver activities, which can be completed on board. These are designed to promote the need for good physical and mental health, as well as providing practical tips, tools and strategies to boost individual wellbeing, as well as how to create a culture of care.

We do not want any seafarer to feel unsafe or miserable at work. We welcome your support to help us create a thriving culture of care with the Maritime Wellbeing programme, to ensure every seafarer returns home safely to their loved ones. This could help make a difference to thousands of lives.

We are planning to have a section for physical wellbeing available by late 2020.

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