Leadership Skills for Crew Wellbeing


Evidence from a range of safety-critical industries shows that where health is well managed, there is an improvement in safety.

Leaders set the tone on board a ship. They influence the conditions in which work takes place as well as the level of social engagement, interaction and support. Leaders that effectively manage the wellbeing of their crew will enhance the culture on board and create an environment where crew actively contribute to the safety and success of vessel operations.

This programme has been developed for Captains and Chief Engineers to help them develop their leadership skills in order to nurture a learning cuture and transparency in workplace where crew also feel confident to talk about health and wellbeing.

It consists of three audio-visual modules that are approximately 10 minutes each in length and which should be watched in order. Have a pen and paper available to make notes, as there are opportunities to pause and self-reflect.


Module 1 – Importance of leadership for crew wellbeing

Module 2 – How you can judge the state of wellbeing on your vessel

Module 3 – Positive actions you can take to enhance crew wellbeing on your ship 

Note, these files are streamed from the internet so ensure suitable bandwidth and data allowance is available.

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