Implementation plan for ship managers

Once a situational analysis of the current reality has been undertaken and priorities identified, the wellbeing implementation plan for ship managers below is an example of how you can begin your wellbeing journey.

To the left of the plan below you can see three wellbeing foundations:

  • Leadership commitment
    • Visible commitment to wellbeing from the top
    • Clear and consistent messaging that is felt across the organisation
  • Policies and structures
    • Frameworks and mechanisms that are in place to positively support wellbeing
    • Clear, documented expectations and guidance
    • Educational resources and access to professional support
  • Performance indicators
    • Measuring implementation, engagement and success / learnings

These provide the underpinning structure for any programmes or improvements to be successful.

To the right is an example plan, where the programmes are organised in a logical order of implentation.  More detailed guidance on implementation can be found under Practical tips for programme implementation.



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