Quick quiz

How much do you know already about the importance of exercise!?

  1. Which type of exercise will keep your body and mind in top condition?
    a) Endurance
    b) Strength
    c) Flexibility
    d) A balance of a, b and c
  2. Exercise helps you stay safe at work because it can…?
    a) Improve your concentration when standing a watch
    b) Make hauling ropes easier
    c) Help you move around tight spaces
    d) All of the above
  3. True or False:
    You can only do exercise if you have a gym and weights?
  4. True or False:
    Walking, climbing stairs, squats and push-ups are all types of endurance exercise?
  5. Table tennis and basketball are
    a) Only for good players
    b) Just to get fit
    c) Just for fun with your mates
    d) Fun ways to get fit whatever your ability
  6. A burpee is a
    a) Sport played in a team of 6 with a soft ball
    b) Noise made after eating too much rice
    c) Form of endurance exercise
    d) Type of elastic band for stretching
  7. Which of the following do you need to remember when doing exercise?
    a) Drink plenty of water
    b) Breathe regularly
    c) Take a rest between exercises
    d) Warm up before and cool down after
    e) All of the above [a, b, c, d]
    f) None of the above [a, b, c, d]
  8. True or False:
    Exercise is good for your mental as well as your physical health?