Building Healthy Habits - Nutrition

'Building Healthy Habits – Nutrition' aims to help seafarers recognise that we need to fuel our bodies properly if we want to be physically and mentally fit and healthy.  It consists of helpful information and some useful activities to learn why nutrition is important and what is a healthy eating habit.

Stay strong, healthy and safe!

Working on ships can be physically and mentally challenging, so it is very important to look after yourself.

Creating healthy habits during your time onboard is an easy way to make small changes that can help you stay safe and well at work.  You can practice these habits at home too, to help build a healthier body and mind for you and your family.  Being in good physical and mental health will also help you respond to unexpected situations and activities more successfully, wherever you are!

Adopting and maintaining healthy eating habits is as important at sea as it is at home..

See 'Further Reading' pages below to learn more.  These pages are also available below under 'Downloads' as a pdf participant workbook and facilitator guide 'Downloads'.